ORIGIN Exhibit at the Ontario Science Centre

(Video and photograph: Michael Hoch)

Muographers, CMS, ATLAS, and LIGO (among others) displayed their achievements at the Ontario Science Center in Canada through the ORIGIN Collaboration.

In the first of what will be an ongoing series of worldwide science and art exhibitions, a collective named ORIGIN was formed for the “Cultural Collisions par/with ORIGIN Canada” exhibit at the Ontario Science Centre in Toronto, Canada which ran from April 9th to April 15th, 2018.  The Muographers group is part of ORIGIN which also consists of CERN experiments CMS and ATLAS, and LIGO with the participation of Canadian organizations such as the University of Toronto Physics Department, Canada Light Source, Perimeter Institute, and TRIUMF.  The objective of ORIGIN is to cultivate public awareness of the scientific research of its members with exhibits, educational workshops and science art exhibits for schools and the general public.

This exhibit was sponsored by the Canadian Ministry of Education and several local high schools signed up to visit and take science and art workshops at this exhibition. 

Curated by Dr. Michael Hoch, founder of art at CMS, the entrance featured a gigantic life-sized image of the CMS detector.  Within the exhibition space was a life-sized image of the even larger ATLAS detector along with posters from other experiments including the Muographers.  Information about muography was presented along with a series of muography digital artworks.  Workshops were conducted during the opening hours of the exhibit opportunities for students to take workshops on scientific topics, such as building a particle detector, as well as art workshops that integrated the science they had learned.  Each student was given a sketchbook to document their visit and write notes with convenient links to information from all the ORIGIN members pasted to the cover.  Later, they created student artworks that were displayed at a local gallery. 

From September to October, 2018 there will be a new series of ORIGIN events and exhibits taking place in the Balkans.