Scientist Interview: Valeri Tioukov

A team including researchers and technicians from INFN, INGV and ERI were responsible for an experimental muography project at the highly active volcano island, Stromboli: constructing the detector, performing the installation, developing the emulsions, analyzing the data and writing the article. Dr. Valeri Tioukov (INFN), pictured at the far right, took part in and coordinated this activity. In this interview, he discusses this process as well as the proceeding analysis of the data with the Emulsion Scanning System that was done concurrently in Napoli, Salerno and Tokyo labs.

Event: Symposium for the Muographers Liaison Program Symposium: Muography and SDGs

How can muography contribute to the global need to address Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations General Assembly for 2030? This was the topic of discussion for the keynote speaker and panelists, experts from the academic and industrial sectors at the Muographers Liaison Program Symposium.

Scientist Interview: David Joffe

In this interview, Dr. David Joffe (Associate Professor of Physics at Kennesaw State University, Georgia) discusses an exciting new program he is directing as faculty advisor for his university’s Society of Physics Students to encourage undergraduate physics students to take an active role in the future of muography by building muography detectors.