ORIGIN Exhibit Tour of Southeast Europe

The ORIGIN network, a collaboration focused on science, art, and education activities between the CERN based art@cms project, CMS experiment, and ATLAS experiment along with LIGO and the Muographers, is at the start of a tour of South East European countries.

First in the lineup of the tour of South European countries is Split, Croatia.  Organizers have set up the ORIGIN science and art exhibit inside Old City Hall of Split. 

The “LHC Days In Split” conference is taking place in Palace Milesi and will also host ORIGIN public lectures and an artist roundtable.

Public Lecture Schedule (part of the “LHC Days In Split” conference):

September 18, 2018: Michael Hoch (founder of art@cms, Austrian Academy of Sciences): “Art and Science” lecture

September 19, 2018 Martin Hendry (University of Glasgow): “Listening to Einstein’s Universe:The Discovery of Gravitational Waves” lecture

(The Artist Roundtable event follows the September 19th lecture)

September 20. 2018: James Beacham (University of Ohio): “A Big Bang Machine on the Moon” lecture


Other events in the South East Europe tour lineup include:

Cetinje, Montenegro: October 9th – 11 – exhibition, university presentations

Tirana, Albania: October 10th -12th – talks & posters

Sarajevo, Bosnia: October 15th – 19th – exhibition, school workshops

Imotski, Croatia: October 27th – exhibition, school workshops, music concert


ORIGIN will participate in the  “Science Festival in Tbilisi”

Tbilisi, Georgia: September 21st – September 28th, talks & posters

ORIGIN members Michael Hoch, Claire Adam-Bourdarios and James Beacham will be attending the upcoming Muographers 2018 General Assembly to discuss this new collaboration and plans for the future.

ORIGIN Poster design by Michael Hoch,  Photos by Michael Hoch and Claire Adam-Bourdarios