Muographers 2020: “Muography and the Possibilities” at Callio Lab, Finland (Rescheduled)

DATE: 22 January 2021

TIME: 10-12 EET (09-11 CET)

VENUE: Callio Lab, Kerttu Saalasti Institute, University of Oulu, Finland (online)

1. Welcome words 15 min; 5 min each
       – Professor Hiroyuki Tanaka, Virtual Muography Institute & the University of Tokyo
       – Professor Giovanni Leone, MoonShot consortium
       – Mr. Jari Joutsenvaara, Callio Lab research coordinator, University of Oulu

2.  “Virtual Muography Institute and Muography” (a brief introduction to non-specialists), 20 min
       – Professor Tanaka Virtual Muography Institute & the University of Tokyo
3.  “Muon Solutions Oy: A Finnish start-up developing muography for mining applications”,  15 min
       – CEO Mr. Marko Holma
4. “Callio Lab Research infrastructure”, 15 min
       – Mr. Jari Joutsenvaara
5. Workshop: “Possibilities of Muography, and Callio Lab RI for Muography research” – hosted by Jari Joutsenvaara, (30-) 40 min
6. Discussion
7. Actions and next steps
8. Closure

Hosted by Kerttu Saalasti Institute, University of Oulu, Finland
Co-hosted by Virtual Muography Institute, International Muography Research Organization, the University of Tokyo (MUOGRAPHIX)

Summary of Callio Lab

Callio Lab is an underground research centre located in Finland at the Pyhäsalmi mine. The mine is located just two-hour drive from 5 regional airports and a five-hour drive from Helsinki-Vantaa airport. Access by train also possible.

The mine is 1,4 km deep, with access both via incline (30min) and with elevator (2,5 min). Cargo up to 20´containers (max-width 3m) can be transported via an incline. The mine is equipt with Gb optical LAN with secure remote access through VPN.

Since the opening of the mine in 1962, a vast number of time-series data, geological, -physical and -chemical data has been collected and is accessible. The underground mining in ending in Q2-Q3/2021 giving space for the full scale of re-use of the mine infrastructure.<><>