“Nature Cafe #16” Muography Event

As part of the Muographers 2015 Conference, a special event was planned with the Nature Publishing Group, the 16th of their public event series called “Nature Cafe”.   Taking place at the Prince Hotel in Tokyo, this symposium was a great opportunity to share the latest developments of muography with the general public. 

8 Experts from Hungary, England, Thailand and Japan gave lectures about muography topics followed by a panel discussion and Q and A session with audience members, all translated in both English and Japanese. 

Plenary talks by leading scientists from UK, Hungary, Indonesia, and Japan followed the opening remarks that were given by leaders of the University of Tokyo and MEXT (Japanese Ministry of Education and S&T).

Then a public lecture was given by science writer Dr. Kaoru Takeuchi entitled “The reason why we can look through a volcano with muons” prior to the official start of the “Nature Cafe” main program.

During the Nature Cafe session 3 talks were given. A panel discussion and Q and A session were the concluding activities of the “Nature Cafe” event.

On the following day, there was a workshop for more in depth discussion between visiting researchers.