International Muography Art Exhibit Featured at Imashirozuka Kofun Museum

The works of local and international artists, multimedia designers and students from Japan, Hungary and the U.S.A. were featured as part of the Takatsuki City Imashirozuka Kofun Festival in Kansai, Japan to celebrate the first muography measurement of cultural heritage in Japan, an ancient burial mound called the Imashirozuka Kofun.

Paintings, ceramics, multimedia art, optical illusion art, videos and an AI 3D simulation of the muography measurement were all part of this exhibition.

Artworks were inspired by recent muography topics and targets including volcanos, pyramids and kohun muography.  The AI 3D simulation (developed at Kansai University) allowed visitors to see the process of the detector measurement, currently taking place in the nearby Imagizuka Kofun Park.  

This exhibition will be on display until the end of 2019.  The muography detector currently measuring the kofun is also on view to the general public.